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[HabboBites] National Popcorn Day

Posted by on the 20th of January 2019


HB is providing us a fun little badge event with cute popcorn cart as a badge

Room Owner: EarCandy

Room Name: [HabboBites] National Popcorn Day

Difficulty: Easy

Step 1

Use the classic BB ticket





Step 2

Stand on the poster shown in the picture underneath the user and say *grab*





Step 3

Use the popcorn machine





Step 4

Stand in front of the bot and say here's my ticket!





Step 5

Once all tiles have turned green you can say done to pass this room and enter the teleport






Step 6

Flick the switch when the blue paint is in front of the bot. Once flicked right time you can enter the teleport






Step 7

Use the arrow tiles to guide the skull on arrow tiles. Skull will then guide the black candle. You have to get the black candle to the ring plate. Remember to avoid red tiles as they will make black candle return to the start. Once the black candle is on the ring plate stand on the ring plate too and say done

You have 1 minute to do this.






Step 8

Enter the teleport 





Step 9

Make your way to the other side using wooden stages and rollers.





Step 10

Enter the teleport





Step 11

Wait patiently in the queue





Step 12

Say jump to teleport between wooden stages, your goal is to try not get hit by the zombie guard. Remember there is slight delay with the teleport so you need to time it right! There is 3 stages and the game lasts 3 minutes! Good luck on surviving! 





Step 13

Enter the teleport





Step 14

Grab bag of popcorns from the Popcorn Machine and receive your new cool badge!