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[HabboRPG] A Song of Sun and Blood

Posted by on the 15th of January 2019


This event is for the relaunch of the GOT Role play.

Room Owner: hini

Room Name: [HabboRPG] A Song of Sun and Blood

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Wait for the bot story to finish then enter the teleport.





Step 2

Wait in the queue then spam the switch until the flag reaches your end. This is completely random.
You have 30 seconds.





Step 3

Follow the script in the correct order.
In the following picture, the spots you must stand on are numbered (these spots are located where the shadows are). Stand on them in order while saying the script below:

1) My prince, we have brought home the Princess! Though her name is still tarnished in the capital!
2) -Bows to the prince-
3) What should we do my Princess?
4) Their crimes will not go unnoticed in our kingdom!
5) Justice will be served!

Say done when you are finished and all the colour tiles are green.





Step 4

Only walk to the teleport when the statue is facing the direction below. 





Step 5

Say *finds* on the highlighted areas below. Once all the colour tiles turn green, say done to teleport.





Step 6

Sit on any of the chairs and when the wine is in front of you, say stop to teleport.





Step 7

Make it to the end while avoiding the snakes below.





Step 8

Take a seat to obtain your badge!